quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Uma Quase CreepyPasta...

Uma Quase Creepypasta...

Incrivelmente, esta quase creepy foi achada no meu livro de inglês da escola '-'
Não é bem assustadora, é meio... imprevisível, sabe? O final pode ser tanto "medonho" quanto engraçado.

Sem título!

TV Reporter: Hello. I'm interviewing people about what they like or don't like about San Antonio. May I ask some questions?
Helen: Yes, sure.
TV Reporter: Are you a tourist?
Helen: No, I'm a student at a language school. But if I had answered that I am of other profession, what would you have done or said?
TV Reporter: Well, nothing!! And where are you from?
Helen: Greece. And if I had answered that I am from other place, what would you have done or said?
TV Reporter: Well, girl, certainly nothing in special! What's your name?
Helen: Helen Karras.
TV Reporter: Thank You. Well, Helen, what do you like about San Antonio?
Helen: I like the people. They're very friendly. And if I ha answered that I don't like them, what would you have done or said?
TV Reporter: I have already said. I believe I wouldn't do anything. Other question: What don't you like?
Helen: I don't like the weather. It's too hot and humid. And your routine here in U.S.A. are all wrong.
TV Reporter: Routine? What do you mean?
Helen: Well, you eat at the wrong times. At my language school we have to eat lunch at twelve o'clock. But I'm not hungry at noon. In my country, I eat at three o'clock, and then I rest. Here in San Antonio I have classes in the afternoon, but I'm tired and I want to sleep. And then everything closes very early. All the stores close at six, and all the restaurants close at ten at night. But I love American ice cream, and Texas barbecues are great! Principally... if these barbecues are made of human meat, because I'm not a student at a language school, I'm a murderer, I'm not from greece, I'm from an American prison and now I will kill you...
TV Reporter: I want my mummy... MUMMY!!

Riaria, quantas dorgas mano!